SQLite Markdown: Format Query Results In Markdown

If you’re an SQLite user, exporting data from your queries directly to Markdown might be useful. This article shows you how to export SQLite queries to Markdown format. The good news is that you can do this with built-in SQLite features! Using SQLite’s Markdown mode By far the easiest method is to change the SQLite … Read more

Markdown Code Block: Including Code In .md Files

Markdown has support for code blocks. There are three ways to include A Markdown code block in your document: Inline code blocks Fenced code blocks Indented code blocks In this article, I’ll demonstrate all three ways to include code in a Markdown document. Markdown inline code block For starters, Markdown allows you to include inline … Read more

README.md: What Is It, How To Create It Yourself

README.md is the go-to file for most projects on GitHub. The file contains Markdown-formatted text that explains the project basics and points you in the right direction when it comes to things like: installing the project editing the source code building the project Where to find more documentation In this article, you learn how to … Read more

Markdown center

Markdown Center a Text, Image, Title, or Table

To start with the bad news, there’s no Markdown syntax to center text, images, titles, or tables. Luckily, most of the markdown parsers allow HTML to be inserted directly into the markdown document. Using HTML and a little bit of CSS styling, we can center almost anything. Note that your mileage may vary. What you’re … Read more

markdown table

Markdown table: How to Create a Great Looking Table

Markdown tables are not part of the original Markdown spec. Instead, it was suggested to use the HTML <table> tag. Although that works well, it looks messy. Luckily, there are now better options, since subsequent Markdown specs like GitHub Flavoured Markdown (GFM) and Markdown Here do support Markdown tables. In fact, most modern Markdown parsers support tables … Read more

WordPress markdown

WordPress Markdown

Not many people know that the WordPress editor supports Markdown. In this article, I’ll demonstrate two ways of using Markdown in WordPress. Using Markdown while editing Of if my favorite features is that you can use Markdown to quickly create headers. Simply type something like this, and WordPress will convert it to a proper header. … Read more

markdown cheat sheet

Markdown Cheat Sheet: All The Markdown you Need

This Markdown cheat sheet contains the most-used Markdown elements. To keep this cheat sheet brief, I will sometimes link to more detailed explanations in separate articles. Markdown Headers There are two ways to create a header in Markdown: by using hashes or by using underlines. Hashes The first option, creating headers with hash signs, is … Read more